What are the benefits of the Halfords bike building service?

It’s a popular myth that bikes arrive pre-built. While we’d love for that to be the case, the truth is that bikes arrive in parts that need to be carefully assembled. And that’s where the Halfords bike building service comes in.

So, why should you take advantage of our bike building service?

Built by experts

Here at Halfords, we’ve been supplying and building bikes for over 125 years. Our 3000+ trained technicians build millions of bikes each year, ranging from the smallest kids’ bike to the largest adult bikes and including both electric and mechanic types.

These technicians attend a training course and assessment that covers every element of the bike building process, and also undertake training on how to construct specific bike brands. All of which means that by using the Halfords bike building service, you’ll be putting your bike into the best possible hands.

Convenient and hassle-free

When you’ve bought a new bike, either for yourself or as a present for a loved one, you want to get it out on the road as soon as possible. What you don’t want is to spend several frustrating and stressed-filled hours trying to piece it together yourself. The Halfords bike building service takes the hassle out of building a bike by doing it for you, on a day that you choose and at a time that suits you.

Safe and secure

Not only will our technicians build your bike, but they’ll also safety-check it for you to make sure that it’s ready to ride. We offer a 30-minute handover process too, giving you dedicated time with a colleague to check that everything’s set up to your satisfaction before you take your bike off on its maiden journey.

We’d always recommend getting your bike built by an expert and can offer this service for just £/€10 (or for free if your bike is £/€350 or more). However, if you’d prefer to have a go at building it yourself then you can take your bike away boxed from one of our stores for free. We also have some handy video guides on how to build an adult bike and how to build a child’s bike that you can follow to make the process easier.

If you have any further questions about our bike building service, check out our FAQs.

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