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You can’t help but notice that heavy snowfall is becoming more common in the UK. Driving in snow and ice is highly dangerous unless you’re got the right gear. Thankfully, you can get everything you need at Halfords. Snow chains and snow socks slip onto your existing tyres. Digging into the ice and snow, they prove extra grip that standard rubber tyres just can’t provide. Across Europe, a set of snow chains are not only essential, but they’re also compulsory. It’s a good idea to plan ahead and ensure you have a set of snow chains or ice socks in the boot or the garage. If you wake up to a deep-settling of the white stuff, getting to a Halfords store in the snow might be a bit of a challenge, and it’s unlikely any couriers will be out and about. There are loads of different types of snow chains and ice socks available, which can make it challenging to know what’s right for you. Our snow chain tool can help you see a selection of cold-weather car accessories perfect for your vehicle. You can choose from some of the best brands, and our own brand of Halfords’ snow chains that have been keeping drivers on the road, whatever the weather, for over 100 years. If you’re worried about driving in winter weather, check out our tips for driving in the snow. You can find our complete range of cold-weather car accessories online or at your local Halfords store . You can purchase today with free delivery over €40 and free returns, or have your winter weather kit available ASAP with Click and Collect service.