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At Halfords, you’ll find the UK’s biggest range of motoring essentials and accessories for cars, vans and motorcycles. For over 100 years we’ve been helping drivers enjoy life on the road. Alongside our tried and tested Halfords products, you’ll find leading brands at great prices. Shop online and enjoy free delivery over €40 or drop into a local Halfords store - with over 400, there’s sure to be one close to you! We’ve got everything you need to keep your car in tip-top condition. Our range of essential engine oils and fluids will keep your car’s moving parts suitably refreshed. You’ll also find car consumables for every model in stock, including car batteries, bulbs and wiper blades. Refresh your car’s look with our styling products or extra carrying capacity with a set of roof bars and a car roof box. If you’re not handy with a spanner, our WeFit service will tackle routine jobs like replacing batteries or bulbs while you wait. Keeping your car, van or motorcycle looking great is easy with our cleaning products that will cut through the grease and grime, restoring your car’s finish - keeping it looking great for longer. If you prefer two wheels to four, our motorcycling clothing, service products and consumables come with the Halfords seal of quality, so you know they’ll perform. Online and instore you can choose from our selection of high-quality motorbike helmets, jackets, boots and gloves that will keep you protected, whatever the weather. We’ve got the motorbike service essentials like motorcycle oil and fluids, bulbs and plugs, as well as batteries from leading brands. Online or instore, at Halfords, you’ll find everything you need for your journey.