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Vibe 8 AWG Advanced Amp Wiring Kit 159 views today
4.7 / 5 (16)
  • Cable Guage : 8
  • Cable Length : 5m
4.3 / 5 (24)
  • Conversion : Speaker to Amplifier
  • Type : Line Output to RCA
Autoleads Speaker Terminals 159 views today
5.0 / 5 (1)
  • Pack Size : 4
  • Cable Size : up to 6mm²
Vibe 2.5M Rapid Kit Optisound Wiring Kit 159 views today
5.0 / 5 (2)
  • Cable Length : 2.5m
we Fit from €41.00
AUTOLEADS SPK ADAPT SAK2902 VAUX 130MM 159 views today
4.0 / 5 (5)
  • Suitable for : VW Golf
Autoleads Female Phono Splices 159 views today
0.0 / 0 (0)
  • Connects : Male to Male Phono
  • Pack Size : 2
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Replacing the bog-standard radio supplied with your car for a replacement is a job that anybody can do - as long as you have the right car stereo installation accessories. You can find everything you need at Halfords. In-store and online you’ll always find a massive range of installation accessories, including harness adaptors, fascia adaptors, stereo release keys and complete stereo kits. Whether you’re investing in a new Bluetooth stereo, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay radio, it all starts by removing your old unit. To do so, you’ll need the right keys and pins to release it. Installation isn’t as simple as slotting the new radio in. You’ll need to ensure you have the proper wiring and fixings, connectors and harnesses. You may also need a new aerial adaptor too. If the replacement radio is a different size, you may need a new fascia unit too. If you need some advice on fitting your new car stereo, check out our helpful guide for some hints and tips. If you need more, then come into your choice of Halfords store where a member of staff will be able to discuss what fixtures, fittings and accessories you might need.