Cycling Shoe Cleats

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Halfords Strapless Toe Clips 159 views today
  • Material : Resin Construction
  • Compatibility : Most Adult Pedals
€8.99 €8.84 save 2%
Look Keo Grip Cleats - Red 159 views today
  • Position Memory : Yes
  • Compatibility : Any Look Keo Pedals
  • Colour : Red
€18.55 €18.25 save 2%
Halfords Nylon Toe Straps 159 views today
  • Pack Size : 2 Toe Straps
  • Fastening : Buckle
€7.49 €7.37 save 2%
Shimano SH51 MTB SPD Cleats 159 views today
  • Upper : One-piece secure fit
  • Sole : Rubber, EVA
€22.49 €22.12 save 2%
Boardman Clothing
Boardman MTB Cleat 159 views today
  • Discipline : Off-Road
€15.00 €14.76 save 2%
Halfords Toe and Clip Straps 159 views today
  • Material: Resin Construction
  • Compatibility: Standard Cage Pedals
€14.99 €14.75 save 2%
SM-SH11 SPD SL-Cleats , Centre Pivot Floating, Yellow 159 views today
€15.30 €15.05 save 2%
SH56 MTB SPD cleats multi-release 159 views today
  • Release Method : Twist/ Roll
  • Pedal Types : All Open Design
€13.15 €12.94 save 2%
SM-SH10 SPD SL-Cleats, Fixed, Red 159 views today
  • Material : Nylon Resin
  • Type : Fixed Foot position
€17.95 €17.66 save 2%
HBH Spare Studs & Spanner 159 views today
  • Shoe Type : HBH MTB Cycling Shoes
  • Spanner included : Yes
€2.00 €1.97 save 2%
Boardman Clothing
Boardman Road Cleat 159 views today
  • Discipline : Road
€15.00 €14.76 save 2%

Cycling cleats will enable you to connect to your clipless pedals. When purchasing cleats, you’ll want to base your decision on the type of bike and pedals you own. Pedals which offer a fixed position limit the amount you can move your foot, while more popular pedals offering a range of movement. There are different types of cleats that fit specific pedals, with SPD pedal cleats having 2 bolt cleats that are perfect for mountain bikers, while Shimano SPD-SL uses 3 bolts which are most commonly found on road bikes. All of these can be found within our range, as well as a choice of cleats for hybrid bikes, triathlon and all terrain. You’ll also find a great selection of colours and designs, so there’s something to suit each and every rider. Also, depending on the brand, you’ll find a wide range of methods that they use, with Crankbrothers and Speedplay all adopting their own theory.

Getting hold of your new bike cleats is simple with our convenient click & collect service. Or, have them delivered to your home or work address. If you’re unsure which products to choose, head down to your local Halfords store where one of our colleagues will be happy to help you out.