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Whether it was your fault or an accident, cracked wing mirror glass is a pretty common issue. The good news is that fixing it takes just a few minutes and is a simple job for anyone. Save yourself a few pounds and do-it-yourself with Halfords. The glass in each wing mirror is held in place by a strong adhesive. You’ll need to safely remove as much of the old glass and adhesive as you can. Don’t worry if a bit of glue is left, it won’t cause a problem. Your replacement wing mirror glass has an adhesive pad on the back. Line up the new glass and gently place it onto the base. Once you’re happy, apply a bit more pressure and you’re done! Cracked or missing glass in your wing mirror can cause you to fail your MOT. It’s also unsafe too. Seeing what’s beside you is as important as what’s in front of you. Shop with us and you can have your new glass delivered to your home or local Halfords store in days. It’s worth checking with your local store, as we carry extensive stock and may have the part you need. While you’re there, check out our range of car accessories and car parts to keep your vehicle safe and sound, wherever the road takes you.