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Wynns Diesel Turbo Cleaner 159 views today
  • Size : 325ml
Cataclean 500ml 159 views today
4.6 / 5 (119)
  • Size : 450ml
Comma Diesel D-Tox 400ml 159 views today
  • Size : 400ml
Slick 50
Moly Engine Protector 325ml 159 views today
  • Size : 325ml
Wynns Petrol EGR Cleaner 159 views today
  • Size : 150ml
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Some of us want to eke a little more performance out of our engines. Fuel additives and oil additives give your engines a little extra. Oil additives improve the smoothness of your engine, giving your existing oil a boost. Fuel additives work can improve efficiency and power, lowering emissions and maintaining your engine. At Halfords, we’ve got a large stock of fuel and oil additives suitable for diesel and petrol cars and vans. We carry engine additives from well-known brands including Millers, Redex and Wynns that have been tested to perform. Online you can compare products and read user reviews to get an inside view on what works best. Our complete range of fuel and oil additives and internal cleaners are part of our engine oils and fluids, all of which you can find online or instore. Spend over €40 and you’ll qualify for free delivery. Before using a fuel additive, we recommend that you use an engine cleaner to rid your engine of any nasties that might have built up. As well as engines, we’ve got specific cleaners for fuel injectors and carburettors, EGR cleaner and catalytic converters that will have your car purring in no time. They’re pretty simple to use, but we advise you to follow all instructions to the letter to avoid causing any damage to your vehicle.