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How to jump start your car

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4 in 1 Jump Starter 159 views today
  • Suitable for : Petrol and diesel 2L max
  • Start Stop compatible : Yes
  • Features : LED lamp, 2 USB sockets
Halfords Up to 1.8L Jump Leads 159 views today
  • Suitable For : 1.8L engines
  • Lead length : 3m
Halfords Up to 3.5L Jump Leads 159 views today
  • Suitable For : 3.5L engines
  • Lead length : 3.5m
  • Start Stop Compatible : Yes
Halfords Up to 4L Jump Leads 159 views today
  • Suitable For : 4L engines
  • Lead length : 4.5m
  • Start Stop Compatible : Yes
Best seller
Halfords Essentials Jump Leads 159 views today
  • Suitable For : 1.2L engines
  • Lead length : 2.2m
Halfords Up to 1.2L Jump Leads 159 views today
  • Suitable For : 1.2L engines
  • Lead length : 3m

Don’t let a flat battery end your journey before it’s even begun. Small and simple to use, a set of jump leads are an essential accessory for the boot or the garage.

To get them to work, you’ll need a friend with a car, a set of gloves and a set of jumper cables. Booster cables are colour coded, which makes them easy to use. The black lead is ‘negative’ and the red lead ‘positive’.

Jump starting a car is simple, but it can be potentially dangerous if you don’t follow the right procedure. A 12v car battery may not seem like much, but you’re dealing with a substantial amount of power that can cause damage. Before you start, check out our in-depth guide on how to jump start a car .

Cheap jumper cables may seem like a bargain, but it’s crucial you invest in quality jump leads to keep you and your car safe. We only stock high-quality cables that are tested to perform.

A flat battery can strike at any time, so make sure you’re prepared. If an emergency happens, don’t worry, you can choose your jumper cables online and Click and Collect in-store. If you don’t fancy the hassle of jump-starting your car, then check out our range of battery chargers and jump starters. Whatever your vehicle and wherever you’re going, make the perfect start with Halfords.