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When the weather takes a turn for the worse, it can be difficult to motivate yourself to go on a long bike ride - not to mention the increased risk of an accident during adverse weather conditions. That’s where bike rollers come in - allowing you to continue with your cycling training plan without having to venture out into the cold, wet weather. Rollers are made up of three cylindrical drums, connected via a belt to allow them to turn with the bike wheels. They provide a great alternative to turbo trainers , as they require balance, core strength and concentration to master. Unlike turbo trainers, rollers do not hold your bike upright, allowing you to balance and steer to give you a more stimulating and realistic ride. Additionally, you’ll notice less wear on your bike tyres using a roller and you certainly won’t need to worry about carrying your puncture repair kit with you as you pedal along in the comfort of your own home! The trick to mastering a roller is smooth pedalling, as fast, inconsistent pedal strokes can throw you off balance and make cycling on a roller much more difficult. However, this is what makes bike rollers popular among professional cyclists, as they help you to improve your technique as well as building strength and fitness. So if you’re looking for a challenging indoor workout that’ll help you improve your overall cycling technique, then shop our range of bike rollers today.