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If you’ve just spent money on a brand new bike, why not protect its frame and paintwork from scratches and dents? For mountain bikers who travel on rough terrain and enjoy getting their bike dirty, bike frame protection tape is something that you should invest in, as it will protect your frame from rocks which are flicked up from the wheels. Within our range, you’ll find both half pack and full pack frame protection kits, with smaller patches to fight off cable rub. Chainstay protectors are especially important on mountain bike , and will prevent damage caused by chain slap. If you’ve ever experienced chain slap, you’ll understand the importance of a chainstay protector. Most commonly caused by bumps, jumps and rough terrain, chain slap happens when the chain hits against your swingarm, and over time can cause significant dents. Our Lezyne chainstay protector is made from heavy-duty neoprene material, which ensures durability without fading, and is easy to fix to your bike with velcro attachments. Protection for your bike is just one click away with Halfords click & collect service. Or if you’d prefer to have them delivered, just select this option at checkout. Alternatively, locate your local Halfords store where one of our colleagues will ensure your fully kitted out and your bike is protected. For everything else cycling-related, head over to our cycling help & advice hub.