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In-car entertainment has been around since the first car stereo was fitted and the driver tuned in to the local radio station to listen as they drove. Today though driving entertainment has gone to an all new level from the humble radio. If you spend a lot of time in the car with kids then you will understand that they can become bored and frustrated, especially on a long journey. A bit of in-car entertainment is the ideal solution to keep the kids happy while you drive, and a car DVD player is an ideal solution for this. The best car DVD players fit nicely onto the headrest of your seat, so the kids can play their favourite movies, you can even have a dual screen DVD headrest, so if you have more than one child in the car they can watch a movie each to prevent argument about who watches what. Car DVD players are independent of the car audio system, which means you can still listen to your own music, and the kids can watch their movies in peace. Halfords also stock a range of equipment to keep your in-car DVD player stylish and secure, from compact carry cases to colourful and comfy headphones! For our expert advice or guidance on which option is best for you, simply pop into your local Halfords store or, if you know the one for you, purchase online today!