Ice Scrapers, Demisters & Squeegees

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€15.00 €12.00 save €3
  • Complete with a boot box for easy storage
€15.00 €12.00 save €3
Winter weather can wreak havoc with our plans - with dirt, ice and mist all clogging up your windscreens. Anything that could affect your view of the road needs to be dealt with before you get behind the wheel. If ice strikes, a dedicated car ice scraper will make short work of even the thickest layering. Cheap to buy and easy to store, it’s much more effective than a credit card, CD or anything else you might find lying around. Even if you have a heated windscreen, an ice-scraper is worth spending a few pounds on. The battle against the elements isn’t over just yet, you’ll need to use a demister or anti-fog spray inside the car to keep the windscreen clear until your car warms up. You can also use one of our Halfords Chamois Demister Pads to rid your windscreen of unwanted moisture. Your windscreen is exposed to the elements at all times, so give it a spruce up with a squeegee. They’re much better at cleaning your windscreen, leaving it streak-free for total clarity of vision. We know ice scrapers, demisters and squeegees aren’t the most exciting purchase, but for a small investment, you can ensure that you start every journey the right way, able to see everything in front of you. It’s all part of prepping your car for winter. Pick up your essential cold-weather maintenance kit in-sore or online at Halfords. If you don’t know where you’re going (or can’t see!), then use our local Halfords store finder. All of our products are available to order online with free delivery over €40 and with free returns, there’s no risk. If you need it sooner, choose Click and Collect to have everything you need delivered to your local Halfords.