Bike Helmets

How to fit your bike helmet

ADJUST STRAPS: These should form a tight V under your earlobes
BUCKLE UP: Strap should be snug (not tight) under your chin
CHECK: Your helmet needs to be this close to your eyebrows
Wearing a bike helmet is essential when riding your bike, no matter how long your journey is. Advanced technology has meant that cycle helmets have become safer and more comfortable, giving the rider peace of mind when cycling. With helmets in all shapes and sizes for every riding discipline, you’ll find the latest men’s, women’s and kids’ cycle helmets at Halfords. Own a road bike? Our road bike helmets are lightweight and aerodynamic with plenty of ventilation for intense long distance rides. You’ll find helmets from the likes of Lazer, Abus, Bell and Boardman in a variety of colours, sizes and budgets. For any mountain bike lover, our selection of mountain bike helmets offer greater protection, especially towards the back of the head. Typically, MTB helmets feature fewer vents, with some equipped with a visor and a solid ratchet system which offers plenty of space for goggles. For extreme sports lovers who need specialist protection, we also stock full-face helmets from Lazer and POC. These helmets are the ultimate enduro helmets and offer the highest level of protection that you’ll get from a cycle helmet. Some of our helmets feature Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) which is found inside the helmet between the comfort padding and the EPS. It adds an additional safety aspect to the helmet, and works by outfitting the helmet with a low friction layer that reduces rotational forces caused in an accident. Helmets with MIPS are the most premium models in our range. As well as offering adult helmets, you’ll find a great selection of kids’ helmets too. Our range includes the latest designs from the likes of Apollo, Raleigh, Bell, Disney, Kiddimoto and more. With such a broad range of styles, designs and sizes, we can almost guarantee that you’ll find a helmet suitable for your child. How the helmet fits will influence the level of protection you receive, so you’ll want to pay close attention to this along with ventilation, padding, straps and shell. To make your life easier (and safer), check out our bike helmets buyer’s guide for more information on choosing the perfect helmet. When it comes to getting hold of your products, you can either use our free convenient click & collect service, or choose to have them delivered at checkout. You can always purchase your products in person at your local Halfords store too.