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If you want to test yourself and push your performance to the limit, a cycle computer is the way to go. A GPS cycle computer will provide you with detailed analysis about your cycle ride, as well as route guidance and mapping. What’s more exciting, Garmin cycle computers allow you to connect with friends, family and other cycling enthusiasts. Get from A to B like never before with a cycle computer below.

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  • Battery Life : Up to 12 hours
  • Mapping : Breadcrumb
  • Touchscreen : No
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gps cycling computer buyer's guide

Our range of cycling technology is split into two categories, there’s cycle computers and GPS cycle computers. To ensure you choose the right product, it’s important you understand the differences between the two products. Let’s kick things off with a cycle computer… Generally speaking, cycle computers are cheaper than GPS cycle computers because they don’t feature a GPS mapping system which analyses your route. The main purpose of a cycle computer is to monitor your performance, which it does by tracking things like your speed, distance and elapsed time. Depending on which model you choose, you’ll get around 8 to 10 functions. All of our models feature a lightweight design with a stress-free installation. The more premium cycle computers in our range can identify your location and altitude, as well as being compatible with Strava Live - a real time updates system. All our cycle computers feature a lightweight design with a quick and easy installation. And if it’s a wireless cycle computer you’re looking for, then you’re in luck, as some of our models are free from wires! GPS cycle computers come from top brands Garmin, Polar and Xplova. With a GPS computer, you’ll experience an accurate analysis of your route, along with the option to follow a pre-planned route and view your progress in real-time on a high-resolution touch screen. Our range of GPS cycle computers are ideal for serious cyclists who want to improve their performance with every ride. Allowing you to do this is a speed & cadence sensor as well as a heart rate sensor via Bluetooth Smart. And just like a cycle computer, you’ll also receive real-time updates from Strava Live. The premium Xplova model is one of the best GPS cycle computers with maps, also featuring an HD 720P built-in action cam. For the best results, fit your cycle computer to your bike securely with the correct cycle computer mount. They are vibration-free and slip-free which means you can track your performance on a mountain bike too. With Halfords convenient click & collect service, you can begin tracking your performance right away. If you’d prefer to have your products delivered to your home or work address, then simply select this option at checkout. Want to see the products in flesh before you purchase? No problem, head down to your local Halfords store where one of our team will be happy to assist you. And last but not least, if you’re still unsure which cycle computer to choose, our online buyer’s guide is there to help you.