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Scosche Wireless Charging Magnetic Mount 159 views today
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  • Phone attachment : Magnet
  • Car attachment : Suction cup
Wireless chargers may look like magic, but the technology is pretty simple. When you’re charging gon the move, you’ll need a specialist wireless charger that will charge your phone and protect it at the same time. At Halfords, we stock a variety of wireless chargers, including generic units from Belkin and Connects2 that will charge your Samsung or Apple device. We also carry a range of bespoke charging pads that are designed to fit into unused spaces in your Ford, Mercedes or VW. Created by Connects2, these hard-wearing devices should slot in to your car with minimal effort allowing you to charge on the go wherever you’re going. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for an iPhone wireless charger or a Samsung charger, you’ll find the charging accessories you need at Halfords. You can buy online with free delivery over €40, or visit your local Halfords store to get your hands on the latest deals.