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Wind, rain, sun or snow - car covers are built to provide protection from the elements. Whether your car is in daily use or long-term storage, a car cover can keep your paintwork pristine and free from damage. It’s not just the weather, car covers can protect from some of nature’s other nasties, like tree sap and bird poo that can destroy your car’s finish. If you’re looking to buy a car protector, you’ll need to know the dimensions of your car. You can get the tape measure out, but it’s easier to go online and find them. Armed with the stats, you can choose a cover that will fit snugly. Our advice is to go for one a little bigger than the dimensions of your car. You want a snug fit, but not too tight. As well as car covers, we also sell a whole range of other car accessories . to make driving a more pleasurable experience. A windscreen protector is a perfect accessory for summer and winter. Stick one over your windscreen at night during the winter and you won’t need to scrape away the ice. Pop one inside during the summer and it will reflect the sun’s rays, leaving your car feeling cooler and more comfortable. A traditional tarpaulin is a great investment too. These hard-wearing heroes can be used in a multitude of ways. Rigged up or laid-down, these waterproof, UV and tear-resistant sheets are built for the toughest of applications. Our range of car covers, windscreen protectors and tarpaulins are all available to buy at your local Halfords store and on-line. Spend over €40 and you’ll get free next-day delivery. If your basket is over €99 you can get 12 months interest-free credit, to make paying that little bit easier.