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Halfords VW Diamond BLACK Car Spray Paint 300ml 159 views today
  • Vehicle Manufacturer : VW
  • Year : 1993-2015
Windscreen Chip Repair 159 views today
Windscreen Chip Repair
Halfords Steel Wool 5 Pack 159 views today
  • Job Type : Removing paint, varnish and rust
  • Suitable for : Metal/car body
  • Grade : Assorted
Tigerseal Black 310ml With Gloves 159 views today
  • Job Type : Non-structural sealant and adhesive
  • Suitable for : Metal, Fibreglass, Wood
T-Cut Colour Fast Scratch Remover - Black 159 views today
  • Removes Scratches : Yes
  • Adds Colour: Yes
Halfords VW Reflex Silver Car Spray Paint 300ml 159 views today
  • Vehicle Manufacturer : VW
  • Year : 2000-2019
Halfords Clear Lacquer Spray 300ml 159 views today
  • Base : Acrylic
  • Suitable For : Metallic Paint
  • Suitable For : Pearlescent Paint
Davids ISOPON Aluminium Mesh 159 views today
  • Job Type : Hole repairs
  • Suitable for : Hole Repairs
Halfords Wet & Dry Sanding Paper 4 Assorted Sheets 159 views today
  • Job Type : For sanding metal surfaces, body fillers and paints
  • Suitable for : Metal/car body
  • Grade : Assorted
Halfords Eye Fixing Cable Ties (HFX417) Black 159 views today
  • Product Type : Eye Fixing
  • Size : 200mm
Halfords Adhesive Cable Clips 159 views today
  • Product Type : Cable Retainer Small
  • Size : 20mm x 20mm
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If your car is suffering from scratches and dents, or looks a little tired from a life spent on the road, it’s easy to bring back some shine. At Halfords, we’ve got everything you need to undertake simple car body repairs, tackle scratches and touch up any damage. By spending a little time on your car’s finish you can get great results - and increase your car’s resale value too. The paint used on your car is hardwearing and rugged, built up of many layers of paint. While it may look tired on the outside, underneath there’s often a fresh finish that needs to be brought out. Our scratch repair and paint restorers will gently bring back that showroom shine, getting rid of the light and medium damage. You can do it all at home on the street, driveway or in the garage. Biggers dents and damage might need the application of fillers to bring back the elegant lines. We’ve got individual products from brands like Isopon and Norton, alongside our trusted Halfords range. If you want a simple solution, the Isopon P38 kit includes everything you need to get started. Before re-spraying, you’ll need to add a primer to ensure that the new paint sticks. We’ve got etch primers, anti-rust primers and weld primers in stock, suitable for every job. We also have a range of specialist and decorative paints designed for demanding applications, like car engines, brake callipers and bumpers. As well as quirky products like our camouflage paints, we stock standard spray paints that can be used for any general application - including spray painting. But only if you have permission! Our selection of car paints and body repair products are available to search and buy 24/7 online. They can be delivered to your door if you spend over €40, with free returns. If it’s easier, use Click and Collect and have them ready and waiting at your choice of Halfords store. While you’re shopping, why not check out car cleaning and car detailing products that will add the finishing touches to your body repair and restoration project.