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  • JASO MA-2 Motorcycle Oil
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The oil in your engine has a hard time. It has to work, whatever the weather, and takes punishment from your pistons, tens of thousands of times every minute. Replacing your engine oil is cheap and simple and can extend the life of your engine by thousands of miles. Whether your engine is two-stroke or four-stroke, give it a gentle touch with new motorcycle oil from Halfords. It helps to know a little about your motorbike’s engine before selecting the right oil. Motobike oils can be either part- or wholly-synthetic. They also come in a range of viscosities. If this means nothing to you, don’t worry - we’ve made it simple. Just stick in your registration number and our handy finder will display the right oil for your make and model. It’s up to you what you put inside your bike, but a premium motorcycle engine lubricant like Castrol Power 1 Racing or Mobil 1 Racing are created for engines that will take some punishment on the roads or at track days. If you want trusted performance for thousands of miles and are a little lighter on the throttle, our Halfords oils have been keeping engines purring for over a century. An oil change is a simple job, but if you’re going to do it then do it properly. Replace your oil filter at the same time and consider a new set of spark plugs too for the maximum impact - all from Halfords, of course. We don’t just stock motorcycle engine oils. We also have a range of luxury lubricants for your brakes, forks, gears. While replacing these fluids is a little more complex, it’s not beyond the realms of most home mechanics, but always check everything is working as it should before heading back onto the streets. Our range of motorcycle oils and lubricants are all available for sale online or instore. Buy online and you’ll get free delivery on orders over €40, with free returns too! Spend over €99 on your essential maintenance kit and you’ll qualify for interest-free credit. Whether you rack up thousands of miles in any weather or a fair-weather fan, choosing the right engine oil with Halfords just got easier.