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€36.00 €28.00 save €8
A new set of car seat covers can give your car a fresh new look and feel without breaking the bank. At Halfords, we stock a wide range of car seats in a variety of materials. Alongside our own-brand range high-quality, low-cost seat protectors, we also stock leading brands like Cosmos and Ripspeed. We offer full seat cover sets or just the two front seats, you’re in charge. As well as simple seat protectors, you can splash out a bit more and get a premium option like a heated cover that can keep you warm on those ice-cold winter mornings. A padded seat cover is an excellent option for you if you experience any form of discomfort while driving (or if you just want a bit more luxury). If you need some support with your driving position and posture, we’ve got your back. We’ve got a wide variety of cushions and support that can help your posture while behind the wheel. It’s not all about the adults, we also provide baby car seat covers and pet seat covers to protect your car from damage from two-legged and four-legged favourites. Every tradesperson knows that Halfords has everything they need to keep their white van on the road. Our rugged van seat protectors are loved by the trade for their performance and their price. Leather seats offer luxury, but they are prone to wear and damage. Sure you can stick a cover on there, but you don’t need to. Mastaplasta patches can be colour-matched to your car, covering tears, rips, stains and burns. At Halfords, we’ve got everything covered online or at local Halfords store . Buy online with free delivery over €40 and free returns, or use our Click and Collect service to have everything delivered directly to your nearest branch of Halfords.