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Safety is paramount when it comes to driving, and having the ability to record your journey in the event of any accidents is essential, that’s why Halford offers a range of Dash Cams , Car Trackers and Parking Sensors to be fitted in your vehicle so you have piece of mind while you go about your daily journeys.

Having great audio in your car is something that makes your journey all that more pleasurable, our range of Car Audio devices and In-Car DVD Players are the perfect way to make sure your journey is all that more enjoyable.

If you have children, then a long journey is made all that more enjoyable with an In-Car DVD Player to keep the kids entertained.

Our range of Bluetooth Car Kits allow you to play music straight from your phone and make safe hands free calls whilst you are driving.

If traffic is an issue then why not check out our range of Sat Navs to help you navigate the best route for your journey, and avoid those dreaded traffic jams.

Speed Camera Detectors will make sure you are warned against going to fast in the speed camera zones and avoid any unwanted fines or penalties.

As well as car accessories Halfords also supply a great range of Fitness Trackers , Helmet Cameras , Wearable Technology and Mobile Phone Accessories to make sure you are totally up to date with the latest technology to make your daily life that much more enjoyable.