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  • Quick bike safety check for peace of mind
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  • No obligation estimates for repairs or servicing
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  • No obligation estimate for any additional repairs needed

If you need to remove or replace your chain, you need a specialist tool to do the job properly. Bike chain tools hold your bike’s chain in place, allowing you to turn the lever which pushes out the chain pin, breaking the circle. When you’re ready to refit your chain, the tool works the other way, pushing the pin back into its housing.

Bicycle chains undergo massive amounts of stress while transferring the power from your legs to speed on the road. Over time they wear out and can suddenly snap if they’re not replaced. Chains are a crucial consumable that can affect the running of your bike - and your personal safety too. Checking your chain is a crucial part of your bike maintenance procedure. If you’re running drivetrain repairs , it’s important to fit a new chain when you replace your rear or front cassette.

Bike chain tools are usually built from hardwearing stainless steel. They can absorb the lateral tension applied that you need to apply when removing a chain. Bike chains come in various sizes, so check that the tool you want is right for the job.

At Halfords, we stock a wide range of bike chain breakers for all bikes and all budgets. We’ve got everything from entry-level tools to hard-wearing Park Tools and Topeak tools that should last you a lifetime. You’ll find our bicycle chain tools alongside our massive range of bike tools , parts and cycle accessories . Riders across the UK know, instore or online, Halfords has everything you need for your two-wheeled life on or off the road.