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Clarks Hexagonal Bike Grips 159 views today
4.1 / 5 (11)
  • Material : Rubber/Neoprene
  • Discipline : Mountain/Hybrid
Clarks D1 Bike Grips 159 views today
4.5 / 5 (34)
  • Material : Rubber/Neoprene
  • Discipline : Mountain/Hybrid
Clarks Gel Bar Tape 159 views today
3.3 / 5 (11)
  • Material : Silicon
Clarks Lock-On Bike Grip 159 views today
4.5 / 5 (37)
  • Material : Thermo Plastic Rubber
  • Discipline : Hybrid/Mountain
Clarks Ergonomic Bike Grips 159 views today
4.2 / 5 (6)
  • Material : Rubber/Neoprene
  • Discipline : Hybrid/Electric
DMR - Sect Grip - Black 159 views today
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Handlebar grips or bar tape are effective for softening vibrations while cycling. By wrapping the tape around your handlebars, you’ll also experience a more comfortable ride, also reducing the need to wear thick, padded cycling gloves which can irritate your hands on long journeys. Our range of bar tape comes in a variety of colours and thicknesses to suit the type of riding you enjoy, with thicker tape absorbing more of the impact. Choosing a thicker bar tape means you will lose some responsiveness, which is something you need if you’re tackling tricky trails on a mountain bike . Within our range of bar tape, you’ll find all sorts of colours to suit every type of bike and rider. Bicycle handlebar grips and mtb grips are also an effective way to increase handling and performance. We stock grips to suit mountain bikes, road bikes and kid’s bikes from the likes of Ergon, Lizard Skins and Clarks. Our range consists of both beginner and premium foam body and gel grips to suit all riders. You’ll find grips with knurled patterns and ridges to increase performance in wet conditions, essential for mountain bikers and commuters. For more information on how to wrap your handlebars, see our video guide online. To complete our range, handlebar ends also ensure a comfortable ride, and are an excellent safety feature on all bikes and prevent your handlebars from filling with dirt. We stock a great selection of handlebar ends to suit individual styles for both road bikes and mountain bikes. With Halfords click & collect service, you’re new handlebar products are just one click away. If you’d prefer to have them delivered to your home or work address, you can do this too, just select the delivery option at checkout. Alternatively, head to your local Halfords store to see some of our products in flesh.