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There is no better feeling than spending time with your family and friends, getting away on a staycation. Whether it be a day trip to the beach or a week in the countryside, Halfords has everything you need to make sure you are prepared for your journey. Our experts can keep you safe on the road with our 5 point car check. For those longer trips, we can provide you with additional space with roof boxes, roof bars and bike racks, plus we have a wide range of camping gear and bikes to make the most of your staycation.

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Prepare for your journey

When you are on your way to enjoy your day trip or staycation, you want peace of mind that your vehicle is fully prepared for your journey. We have a range of services to help you including a free 5-point car check where we will check your lights, battery and windscreen. Don’t forget your pet travel accessories if you’re bring your four-legged friends along and ensure you avoid getting caught out by packing some key breakdown essentials. Learn more

Free 5 Point Car Check
10 Point Car Check
Breakdown Cover

Journey Essentials

Pet Travel

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When camping, you’re there to enjoy the great outdoors with your loved ones and we can help you enjoy your holiday even more with some added comforts! Why not invest in a new set up and shop our range of tents, coolboxes and other camping accessories. Shop now

Camping Accessories
Sleeping Bags

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Roof Boxes & Bars

When you’re thinking about your upcoming staycation and all the things you want to bring with you, you may find yourself wondering how it will all fit in your car. Attaching roof bars to your car will allow you to safely attach a roof box without the risk of damage and will provide you with that much needed additional space. Shop now

Roof boxes
Roof bars
Roof Box Accessories

Our services

We fit and demo roof boxes for €24
We fit and demo roof bars for €24
Free 5 Point Car Check

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Bike racks

Wanting to take your bike with you on your staycation or day trip but unsure of how everything will fit in your car? Halfords provide a range of bike racks to suit most vehicle types, including roof mounted, rear mounted, and towbar mounted bike racks meaning you don’t have to leave the two wheels at home. Shop now

Roof Mounted Bike Racks
Rear Mounted Bike Racks
Towbar Mounted Bike Racks

Our services

We fit and demo bike racks for €24
We fit and demo roof bars for €24
Free 5 Point Car Check

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Having a bike with you on your day trip or staycation allows you to explore the local area and is also a great activity that you can do whilst you are there. With a wide range of bikes available including mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, electric bikes, kids bikes and junior bikes we have plenty for you to choose from. Shop now

Electric Bikes
Family Cycling
Cycling Essentials

Our services

Electric Bikes
Book your free trial today
Free bike health check
Trade in
Your Halfords Bike
Get up to €300
On a gift card
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The Halfords Bike XChange

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Kids Essentials

Your kids will love going on staycations or day trips and creating lots of new memories with you. Our kids bikes and scooters cater for all ages, and we have a wide range of cycle accessories to match. We also offer a selection of kid’s camping accessories so that they can have everything they need for the trip. And if you need a new child car seat before the journey, we can also help! Shop now

Kids Bikes
Kids Scooters
Car Seats

Our services

Free bike health check
Free 5 Point Car Check
Free Car Seat Demo

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