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Elite Novo Smart Turbo Trainer 159 views today
4.4 / 5 (152)
  • Smart Interactivity : Smart Interactive
  • Max Power (watts) : 900
  • Type : Wheel On
Elite Zumo Smart Interactive Turbo Trainer 159 views today
4.5 / 5 (127)
  • Smart Interactivity : Smart Interactive
  • Max Power (watts) : 1350
  • Type : Direct Drive
€635.00 €539.00 save €96

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Maximise your indoor workout with our huge range of smart turbo trainers, for when cycling outdoors just isn’t possible. Whether you’re short on time, or the weather is too treacherous for cycling on the roads - smart turbo trainers will allow you to transform your bike into a stationary bike in a matter of minutes.

Smart turbos differ slightly to traditional turbo trainers or rollers , allowing you to connect to your smart device to track your ride, evaluate your performance and even use cycling simulator apps. In addition to providing a visual cycling simulation, apps for smart turbo trainers can also control your bike’s resistance as you combat a hill to make it more difficult to pedal, or make it more or less difficult depending on where you’re riding in a virtual group, making even the most seasoned cyclist forget they’re not cycling in the great outdoors.

So whether you’ve got a strict training plan to stick to during the winter, want to boost your cycling confidence without prying eyes, or want to increase your fitness in the comfort of your own home, our range of smart turbo trainers will get you saddled up, switched on and ready to pedal .