Your car’s air conditioning can be a lifesaver on hot days.

A blast of cool, refreshing conditioning air will certainly keep everyone happy when the sun is shining. But, as with many car components and consumables, the gas used to cool the air before it enters the cabin will eventually deplete.

Luckily, replacing isn’t too difficult, and there are a couple of options.

Halfords air conditioning gas cans

If you’re comfortable doing your own air conditioning top up, then we stock all the equipment you’ll need to get your air conditioning cold again. From the trigger and gauge to the air con recharge can, you can pick everything up either online or in a Halfords store.

Remember that you’ll need to get the right type of gas for your car, as the gas types differ from vehicle to vehicle depending on age and model. You can usually find the type of gas needed either on a sticker in the engine bay, or in your car owner’s manual.

Air con cleaning at Halfords

If your air con is working fine but has picked up a nasty smell when it runs, then an air conditioning cleaning can is a quick solution that will last longer than an air freshener. These sprays work by turning the air conditioning to full then opening the can to let the cleaning gas out before closing all doors and windows. The gas will kill any mould and bacteria in the system, which are usually the causes of bad smells.

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Air con canister deposit

If you do buy your own air con recharge can, then don’t forget to claim €10 back when you bring your empty canister back into a Halfords store. As part of our recycling policy, we’ll happily take your empty can off you and refund you €10 – just make sure you bring your original receipt too.

Browse our full range of air conditioning products online and don’t forget to check out our air filters too – they’re also key to ensuring good air quality in your car and can even prevent allergens like pollen from irritating you as you drive.

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