Your wiper blades are key bits of kit, removing water, dirt, snow and other nasties and allowing you to see the road ahead (and behind!).

Over time, the rubber will naturally degrade due to UV damage from sunlight, oil, airborne debris and moisture and the blades will need replacing. We recommend replacing your wiper blades in pairs; if one is worn out it is likely the other will be worn out soon as they are used at the same rate.

Here’s our guide to swapping your old blades out and replacing them with new ones.

Step one: Make sure you’ve got the right replacement blades for your car

Before you begin taking your old blades off, make sure you’ve got the right replacement blades for your car. You can check your car owner’s manual or look on the box if you still have it.

If you can’t find the information you need, select your vehicle on the Halfords site or ask a colleague in-store. We’ll be able to tell you which blades are compatible straight away.

Check out our wiper blades buyer’s guide for more information on selecting wiper blades

Step two: Clean your screen

The first thing to do once you’ve got your new blades is to give your car’s windscreen and back window a good clean to remove any dirt, tree sap or bugs that have got stuck to it as this affects wiping quality.

Step three: Grab a towel or cloth

Next, give them some protection. Once the blade is removed, the wiper arm can ping back in place and without the rubber blade to stop it, can collide with the glass. This can cause damage if the arm’s spring is strong.

Fold up a towel or something soft and place it under the blade against the glass. If the arm does ping back, then the glass will be protect by the towel.

Step four: lift your blades

Once your towel is in place, lift each wiper off the glass one at a time. This gives you access to the clip or fastening mechanism. You will need to move the wipers into a certain position before being able to lift them on some cars; for more information just have a look in your car manual.

Step five: remove your old blades

Unclip the old blades and put them somewhere safe. Wiper blades can be recycled at your local waste collection facility.

Depending on the blades you have, you can either slide the blade down the arm to unhook it from the holder or find the clip that’s holding it in place and remove that. Remember to check the box or instruction leaflet before you start in case the blades have a different way of connecting to the wiper arm.

Remember, take care not to let the arm snap back without a blade on the end, or use a cloth to protect your glass.

Step six: clip your new blades in

Once you’ve removed the old blades, re-attach the new ones using the same method. Look out for any plastic covering on the rubber and don’t force the blade if it doesn’t fit immediately – check the instructions or try a different technique. Remember the passenger side and driver side wiper blades may be different lengths so make sure you are attaching the correct length blade to the correct side.

Some cars require different clips to be able to attach these to the wiper arm, if you do require a different clip this will be provided in the box. You will need to attach the new clip to the wiper blade then attach the blade to the wiper arm on your car.

Step seven: sit your wipers back on the screen

Once your new wiper blades are securely in place, remove the cloth and place them slowly back on the windscreen or rear window. The blades should sit on the glass without any gaps, so if they aren’t exactly flush, they haven’t been fitted properly.

If you’re struggling to get the blades to fit or don’t have the time / inclination to start dismantling your car, then don’t forget Halfords can fit your wiper blades for you! Just ask at the till or select ‘add fitting’ if you’re buying online via click and collect.

Step eight: give them a test swipe

If you’re happy that your blades are sitting securely on the glass, then try giving your screen a clean. The new blades should wipe away the water effortlessly, so if there are streaks or the blades judder, then they may need a quick adjustment or re-fit.

You should now be good to go! Don’t forget to check your new blades regularly, as the rubber will eventually wear down over time. Check out our four signs your wiper blades need replacing blog post to learn more about the signs and sounds that show it’s time for a new pair.

If you don’t want to do this job yourself or would like to save some time, then don’t forget that Halfords can fit your new blades for you. Just select ‘add fitting’ if you’re shopping online or ask us to fit them for you at the checkout. It doesn’t take long at all and we’ll ensure they’re fitted safely and securely.

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